Hi! I'm Benjamin.

Welcome to my site! Here you may find some information about myself, my projects and thoughts.


Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein


There is no Imagination without knowledge and education. Following my degree in financial services I graduated in Business administration and Marketing at Pforzheim University of applied science in 2011.


My interests are mainly new technologies in the field of IT and mobile devices. This includes e-mobility, smart metering, mApp development and administration as well as agile development.


I love to build up things - in theoretical and in practical ways. Thats why I am often working one more than one project at the same time.

My Philosophy: Get things done!

Geek, Freak, Nerd or just passionate.

Sometimes the determination is not so easy.

VW Bug #2

Reanimating the 1960´s


More info comming soon!!!

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